Patricia Realini

Patricia Realini is a software engineer, an artist, and a woman from Los Angeles, CA. As a self-taught front end developer, she has experience working in React, Redux, ES6, Node, Ember, Sass & Rails, and has led a workshop on git and the command line called Get Git Got. She regularly contributes to the Javascript community through various outreach efforts. Notably, Patricia is as an organizer for Node Together, a workshop aimed at bringing diversity to the Node community and introducing underrepresented groups to Javascript. This past spring she spoke at EmpireJS in New York, NY and Web Rebels in Oslo, Norway. Patricia also engages in efforts to raise the level of public debate on issues that affect underrepresented minorities. CRASH Space invited her to teach a session on Intersectionality & Allyship for their Civic Engagement Talk Series. Previously she spoke about self-care & dealing with harassment as a WOC in Tech on the Processing Foundation's Open Tech Lab Panel at the Women's Center for Creative Work. When she's not coding, you can find her recipe testing in the kitchen or camping in Big Sur.