Patricia Realini

Patricia Realini is a technologist, a speaker, and an artist from Los Angeles, CA. As a front end developer they care about documentation, test driven development, and accessibility. Speaking at conferences nationally and internationally, they shine a spotlight on how we can shape the relationships in technology and society to build a more inclusive future. As a community organizer they help steer Node Together, a workshop and subsect of the Javascript community aimed at supporting under represented minorities in Node JS, and they direct inclusivity & scholarship efforts for Empire JS. In the past they have done outreach work on a variety of efforts including Processing Foundation's Open Tech Lab, curriculm writing and hands on mentoring with inclusive meetups, and volunteered with Brooklyn JS. As an artist, their practice is focused on research, experimentation and social critique. Their mediums include photography, writing, drawing, and installation. In their past lives they have been a chef, a curator, an event director, and a Tae Kwon Do instructor.